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DAVID BALDACCI  A Minute to Midnight - The Number One Bestseller

ISBN: 978-1509-87446-0 

First Published in 2019 - Trade Copy in excellent condition.

Excerpt:  Chapter One

Once more she rode into the Valley of death. Only this "valley" was in Colorado, at ADX Florence, America's only federal supermax prison. The "death" reference was spot-on, though; the place reeked of it by virtue of the crimes committed by the inmates housed there.

FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine had driven pedal-to-the-metal to get here in her modern-day version of a horse: a turquoise 1967 Mustang with a parchment convertible top. She had spent two years restoring it with the original owner, a veteran FBI agent who had been an informal mentor to her shortly after she'd finished her training at Quantico. When he died, he left it to her. Pine couldn't imagine being without it. 

Now, after her swift journey, she sat in the prison parking lot gathering both her nerve and her courage to see one particular monster who resided here among many other human abominations. they were, to a man, the stuff of nightmares. Collectively, they had slaughtered thousands of people, without a smidgen of remorse.