COLD BLOOD by Robert Bryndza

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Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza. A Detective Erika Foster Novel.

Trade Paperback in excellent condition.  ISBN: 978-0-7515-7137-0

This paperback edition published in 2018 by sphere. 

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Monday, 2 October 2017

Detective Chief Inspector Erika foster shielded her eyes from the pelting rain as she and Detective Inspector Moss hurled along the South Bank, a paved walkway lining the southern bank of London's River Thames. The tide was low, cutting a brown swathe through the silt bricks and rubbish littering the exposed riverbed. In the pocket of her long black jacket, Erika's radio gave a tinny burst and she heard the officer at the crime scene asking their location. She pulled it out and replied: " This is DCI Foster. We're two minutes away."

It was still the morning rush hour, but the day was already darkening with a gloomy fog descending. They picked up the pace and hurried on past the tall IBM headquarters, and the pale squat ITV Studios building. Here the South Bank curved sharply to the right before widening out to a tree-lined avenue leading down to the National Theatre and the Hungerford Bridge.

"It's down there, boss," said Moss, slowing breathlessly.