The Emerald Tablet by M.W. Anastasios

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Meaghan Wilson Anastasios - The Emerald Tablet

ISBN:  978-1-76055-263-3  First Published in 2019 - TRADE COPY - AS NEW 

Archaeologist Benedict Hitchens Has Unfinished Business.

Exerpt:  Prologue

He began the ascent before sunrise. Shards of cold desert air sliced through the rivulets of sweat streaming down his face and back. The shivering set him dancing like a marionette, teeth chattering and parched skin drawn tight across his bones. Before him loomed the mountain, its twin peaks slumbering black and beast-like against a dawn sky bruised violet at the approach of the sun. He'd spent long enough camped at its feet that he knew its every contour and shuddered at the thought of what lay ahead.

As the slope grew steeper he stumbled, chips of flint stabbing calloused feet through the worn soles of his shoes. He paused, heart pounding. Ragged breath scratched at his lungs and his vision blurred. The water in his flask was warm and muddy. There was barely enough left to get him to the summit, but it was sufficient. There would be no return journey.