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The new Jack Reacher Thriller.

ISBN: 9780593078174 Trade Paperback.

Page one:

Jack Reacher and Michelle Chang spent three days in Milwaukee. On the fourth morning, she was gone. Reacher came back to the room with coffee and found a note on his pillow. He had seen such notes before. they all said the same thing. Either directly or indirectly. Changs note was indirect. And more elegant than most. Not in terms of presentation. It was a ballpoint scrawl on motel notepaper gone wavy with damp. But elegant in terms of expression. she had used a simile, to explain and flatter and apologize all at once. She had written, You're like New York City. I love to visit, but I could never live there.

the Midnight Line is a pre-loved novel that has never been read and is in excellent condition.