THE RISING SEA by Clive Cussler

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The Rising Sea. A novel from the NUMA Files. A Kurt Austin Adventure. Written by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.

ISBN:  978-0-718-18717-0

First Published in 2018.  Trade Copy in excellent condition.


The thunder of charging horses gave way to the clang of swords as two armies met on a field in the highlands of Japan.

From the saddle of his horse, Yoshiro Shimerzu fought with a combination of power and grace. He whirled and slashed maneuvering his steed with precision, all without hakusha, or spurs. The samurai did not use them.

Clad in brightly painted armor, Yoshiro sported wide shoulder boards, heavy gauntlets and a helmet adorned with stag horns. He wielded a gleaming Katana that caught every bit of the light as it cut through the air.

With a flick of the wrist, he disarmed his nearest adversary. A backhanded cut followed, snapping another opponent's sword in two. As the soldier fled, a third foe lunged at Yoshiro with a pike. The tip struck his ribs, but his scaled armor that lay in pleats prevented mortal damage. Yoshiro wheeled around and killed the man with a downward hack.

Free for a second, he turned his horse in a tight pirouette. The horse, dressed in armor to match Yoshiro"s reared up, kicking with its front legs and then leaping forward.