TWO BY TWO by Nicholas Sparks

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ISBN:  978-0-7515-5003-0  First published in 2016 Trade Copy in Good Condition.


Chapter 1  And Baby Makes Three

Wow!" I can remember saying as soon as Vivian stepped out of the bathroom and showed me the positive result of the pregnancy test. "That's great!"

In truth, my feelings were closer to ... Really? Already?

It was more shock than anything, with a bit of terror mixed in. We'd been married for a little more than a year and she'd already told me that she intended to stay home for the first few years when we decided to have a baby. I'd always agreed when she'd said it - I wanted the same thing - but in that moment, I also understood that our life as a couple with two incomes would soon be coming to an end. Moreover, I wasn't sure whether I was even ready to become a father but what could I do? It wasn't as though she'd tricked me, nor had she concealed the fact that she wanted to have a baby, and she'd let me know when she stopped taking the pill. I wanted children as well, of course, but she'd stopped the pill only three weeks earlier. I can remember thinking that I probably had a few months at least before her body readjusted to its normal, baby-making state. For all I knew, it could be hard for her to become pregnant, which meant it might even be a year or two.

But not my Vivian. Her body had adjusted right away. My Vivian was fertile.